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Complete Care at Voorhees was very good. The rehab specialists were excellent. The room was nice and clean, and it served the purpose. My cousin enjoyed the buffets in particular. They had bingo and different activities every day. He was happy with it.

-Ralph P.

We chose Complete Care at Voorhees for my brother. He is in a shared room and it is just like your typical hospital room. What I especially like about this nursing home is their staff. They seem very friendly, nice and caring. I would recommend this nursing home to others.

-Beverly A.

I liked the dementia unit in Complete Care Voorhees. It has a small section where they can do a lot of activities. She can do a lot of walking, they do cooking, they do folding of towels and they have little parties. They do a lot of things with them and they’re always busy with them all day long. When I stop in, she’s always happy. I like it there a lot for her. The people working there are very nice. She shares a room with someone else but they’re never in their room and she doesn’t even know where her room is. She’s always having activities, having meals and walking. I think this is the best place for her.

 -Carol W.

Complete Care at Voorhees truly lives up to the expectations of its mission statement! They are all about caring, commitment and togetherness! If your looking for a family-friendly atmosphere look no further!

-Tiara O.

Caring Relationships Resonate!

The close relationships forged between staff and family at Complete Care at Voorhees are authentic. That’s why so many of the individuals who have gotten better under our care keep up with us. Many share their family milestones, send us photos of their loved ones, call our staff members on their birthdays—or just send us their best holiday wishes.


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