Complete Care at Voorhees’s beautiful, secure memory care unit is where residents with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other memory impairments receive a full spectrum of treatment and services.

Our focus is on creating a warm, comfortable, and familiar environment in which each resident can experience the comfort of routine while engaging with their community.

Our philosophy of memory care is resident-centered, which means we focus on the person, rather than the disease. We understand how overwhelming it can be for both residents and family members facing the many changes memory disorders can bring, and our priority is to make the journey as smooth as possible for everyone.

Fundamental to our approach is cultivating familiarity, consistency, and routine in every aspect. This means maintaining a regular schedule with predictable activities, streamlining daily skills to promote independence, and an unchanging roster of highly skilled, compassionate staff.

Surroundings can make a significant impact on one’s well-being, which is why we offer renovated facilities, beautiful grounds, and luxurious amenities. Even more importantly, we provide an atmosphere of caring and respect in which every resident can feel at home.

Our memory care unit includes spacious rooms, meals served on the unit, and a full calendar of daily activities. Alongside building and maintaining necessary living skills, these activities promote creativity, socialization, and cognitive development. We believe strongly that isolation can have devastating effects on individuals with memory disorders; we make sure that residents spend significant time out of their rooms and in the company of peers and friends.

Every staff member that works on our memory care unit is highly trained in dementia and memory disorders, and we continue to equip them with new tools and approaches with professional development. We create a warm, family atmosphere for our staff that prevents unnecessary changes or replacements and extends outward to our residents.


At Complete Care at Voorhees, we approach each day with one goal: to improve the lives we touch through extraordinary care and compassion.


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